Month: January 2015

Two months later: when abnormal becomes normal

My freezer is more full than normal – not with frozen veggies and meat that i frequently keep in there, but with ready made meals. And to help you understand why this is abnormal – not one of those meals are made for one person – typically, they are meals for 3-4 people.

Some of you will know the back story, for the rest, long story short, i’m an aunt now, and although in the long run my nephew will be a perfectly healthy kid, he’s had a rough start to life and has spent the first two months of his life in the hospital.

It’s been a stressful time for all of us full of many emotions, frequent worry and lots of praying. Especially for my sister and her husband, there isn’t time to cook. Life is now the hospital, then home to sleep. All of there energy is on caring for my nephew, not caring for themselves. I’ve realized that this is the life of parents with a child in hospital.

I cook because i can, i cook because i love them and most of all i cook because it’s necessary. i’ve come to realize that there is no better way to take care of someone than ensure that they have food.

So bear with me while i disappear for a while, and if you know someone who is spending a lot of time at a hospital lately, remember that there is no greater gift than food